List Of Members Of Different Committee Formed By MOFDM

Serial Name Of Committee Activation Date Of Committee Termination of Committee Remarks
1National Disaster Response Coordination Group (NDRCG)--As per SOD
2Inter-Ministerial Disaster Management Coordination Committee (IMDMCC)--As per SOD
3National Disaster Management Council (NDMC)--As per SOD
4National Disaster Management Advisory Committee (NDMAC)--As per SOD
5Earthquake Preparedness and Awareness Committee (EPAC)--As per SOD
6Committee for Focal Points Operational Co-ordination Group--As per SOD
7City Corporation Disaster Management Committee (CCDMD)--As per SOD
8City Corporation Disaster Response Coordination Group (CCDRCG)--As per SOD
9District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC)Rep, AFD (during disaster)-As per SOD
10Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) D-1 Steering Committee14 May 09-On going
11Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project Specification Committee16 Nov 09-On going
12Inspection Committee for lot no 1,3,5,7,9 (Earthquake Equipment)31 Dec 09-On going
13ভুমিকম্প পরবর্তী দুর্যোগ অনুসন্ধান ও উদ্ধারকল্পে সংগৃহীত যন্ত্রপাতির তালিকা যাচাই বাছাই করে যথোপযুক্ত যন্ত্রপাতি ক্রয়ের সুপারিশ করার জন্য কমিটি 13 Jun 10-On going
14Tender Evaluation Committee (Technical Sub Committee)08 Nov 10-On going
15Advisory Committee for the Bangladesh Urban Earthquake Resilience Project25 Sep 12-On going
16Implementation of Multi Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Modeling and Mapping in Bangladesh20 Dec 12 -On going